Black & White Cowhide Rugs

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Cowhide rugs are well-known for their reliability, durability, and long-term maintainability. Cowhide rugs come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. The most common cowhide rugs are Black and White Cowhide Rugs is the best fit for the interior décor. Real Black and white cowhide rug give a magnificent and stylish look to any home because of its eye-catching factor. Whether you’re thinking to transform your living room or just want to enhance its dull look, a black and white rug is the right choice. An amalgamation of Two-color cowhide rugs complements both modern style and more traditional interiors. Cowhide rugs are 100% natural and are of top-notch quality that is supple and soft to the touch. It is capable of withstanding the test of time, as it’s an original black and white rug. The touch of elegance, luxurious softness or Western ruggedness is found in Two-color cowhide rugs.

Natural scars and marks

Due to its natural occurrence, cowhide rugs come with scars, firemarks, and other blemishes. Everything in this world being humans or animals has some flaws in itself. Likewise, the cowhide rugs contain marks and scars on them with long or short fur. But they go under the tanning process that ensures minimal hair loss and also gives the cowhide a clean leather smell. Besides natural marks and scars, real black and white cowhide rugs are fluffy, soft, and smooth that provides maximum comfort. You’ll love to place it underneath the coffee table or lounge table that looks posh and nifty from every aspect.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Real Black and white cowhide rug is simple and does not need that much effort. White and Black cowhide rugs need extra maintenance because it’s common that it may get dirty soon. Following are the steps that help in cleaning the cowhide rug in an efficient and effective way:

Vacuuming and brush the cowhide rug: Vacuum the rug on regular basis to clean the dirt and dust particles. Vacuum the rug in the direction of the hair. Brushing the rug is another option that helps in cleaning. A hard plastic Bristles brush is good for cleaning the rug.

Shake the rug off outside: Shaking the rug off outside in a gentle way to remove dust and dirt. Don’t apply that much force while shaking the rug off.

Liquid Stain on the rugs: Liquid stains spilled over the rug are much difficult to clean. Clean the stain immediately if it spills on the rug by using a soft sponge. Using a towel or sponge, soak up the spill, and try to avoid wiping the spill away. As it may lead to spreading the spill all over the rug.

Scraping away solid material:  Dried material on the cowhide rugs looks dirty and is quite difficult to clean. One way to pull the solid material off the rug is to use a hair bristled brush, spoon, or knife. Apply only enough pressure, and don’t scrape too hard.

Pattern, shape, and size

The pattern, shape, and size are the important factors that one should consider while purchasing a cowhide rug. White and Black cowhide rugs patterns are flawless and exceptionally sumptuous that are available in five different sizes. Extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large are the five sizes that the customer can purchase as per his/her desire. Moreover, 5*3 is extra small, 5*4 is small, 5*5 is medium, 5*6 is large, 7*5 is extra-large. The shape of the cowhide rug may differ from that of another animal hide. It depends on the customer’s choice that where he/she want to décor the cowhide.

Odor of the cowhide rug

Black and white rug or any other type of rug that contains chemicals in it, produces a strong odor.  The odor of chemicals is unpleasant and one sitting near the rug will not find it comfortable to sit around the rug. The main reason to tan the rug before selling is to eliminate bacteria from it. One way to make the Black and White Cowhide Rugs pleasant is to use a carpet refresher. Besides, hanging the rug outdoors or powdered carpet deodorizer helps in eliminating the odor of the rug.

Cowhide rugs accessories

Two-color cowhide rugs accessories are available in the market that uniquely caters to the necessary need of fashion and household. Leather bags, sofas, cushions, coasters, koozies, etc. are the perfect accessories that one can purchase. From the household décor to the fashion world, cowhide rug accessories are very common now. Luxurious and lavishing interior home decoration grabs the attention of the individual entering the home. And, Black and White Cowhide Rugs look exceptionally stunning and sumptuous when used in home decoration materials.

White and Black cowhide rugs are available in our esteemed collection that you’ll love to buy for your home decoration. Other different types of rugs with different colors and patchwork are what we deal with to give our customers 100% natural product. We believe this is the first step in making the customer contented and satisfied. All the products are of premium quality that has long-term reliability and maintainability factor.